The Magnificent 3 of cleaning

This box is perfect for you to try other Agerul products if you are already a fan of our concentrated grease remover, the true miracle grease remover. It combines 3 units of our best-selling reference and two new high quality products: Agerul creamy furniture cleaner and Agerul bleach-free disinfectant.

Products for perfect cleaning that saves effort, time and money – that’s the Agerul effect!


What can the mini box do for you?

Take home the best smallest format from our online store at a great price and ensure that your home is always stocked with the basics of cleaning. With the concentrated grease remover, disinfectant and furniture cleaner Agerul you can easily remove stubborn dirt in the kitchen, bathroom and on your wooden furniture, as well as take care of them and much more.

What are the 5 products in the Round Box and their sizes?

3 Grease Remover Concentrate: 750 ml x 3 pcs.
1 Agerul Disinfectant: 750 ml x 1 pc.
1 furniture cleaner: 500 ml x 1 pc.


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