Agerul Furniture Cleaning

Cleans and beautifies in a single gesture

Want a cleaner that also beautifies your furniture? That’s exactly what we’ve created this creamy, cleaning and repairing formula for you. Agerul Furniture Cleaner is a concentrated, long-lasting product with professional results and a mild clean scent.

Made with an oil base, it also nourishes the wood. It is able to create from the first wipe a protective layer that repels dust. This invisible anti-static barrier makes dust mites “slip” off the surface, making frequent cleaning less necessary. But that’s not all it can do for you.

It also prevents the wood from drying out and enhances its colour and texture without altering them, making it perfect for treating furniture made of mahogany, oak, walnut, beech… etc. It also gives a spectacular shine on all these traditional or modern surfaces. It can be used on veneers, gilded metal and even on wicker. With the first wipe, its repairing effects and its concentrated power are already noticeable.


Why do we like Agerul furniture cleaner?
  • It is like a “cosmetic” product for furniture: it treats and repairs the furniture at the same time.
  • The shine it gives to the furniture means that cleaning is also beautifying.
  • Some of our regular buyers are professional woodworkers.
  • Its innovative formula is designed so that it can be used with confidence on car dashboards.

Zero gas. 100% product. Save effort, time and money with Agerul – it’s the Agerul Effect!

How do I use Cleaner 400 ml + 100 ml free?

It comes in 400 ml format with 100 ml free to help you save. Spray onto a cloth or mop and spread evenly. Then wipe dry.

Precautions for use:
  • Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow.
  • In case of accident: Immediately call the Medical Toxicological Information Service on 91 562 04 20.

Agerul Furniture Cleaner


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