Multipurpose Disinfectant Agerul

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We know, bleach is not at all pleasant. That’s why, for anyone looking for a deep cleaning experience that’s not aggressive, our new disinfectant cleaner is the product that fits the bill. If you want a surface to look as good as new after effortless cleaning, we can help you achieve this. Our cleaner can be used on tiles, sinks, worktops, doors, bathtubs, washbasins and also on furniture and baby items such as high chairs and toys. It can also be used on all modern surfaces.

Its formula does not damage the surface, skin or stain clothes. So we can be sure of deep cleaning and guaranteed gentle but with the effectiveness guaranteed by our brand.


Nº registro  20-20-10527. Cumple la Norma UNE-EN 13697 en condiciones sucias. Antisépticos y desinfectantes químicos. Ensayo cuantitativo de superficies no porosas para la evaluación de la actividad bactericida de los desinfectantes químicos utilizados en productos alimenticios, en la industria, en el hogar y en la colectividad.
¿Por qué nos gusta el multiusos desinfectante  SANICLOR Agerul?
    • Su perfume a limpio es muy suave. Huele estupendamente.
    • Garantiza la desinfección más completa desde el primer minuto.
    • Es ideal para los hogares y estancias con niños y/o mascotas.
    • Ideal para hostelería, instituciones y colectividades.
    • Ayuda a mantener la higiene diaria de forma saludable.
    • Nueva imagen!
Registration number 20-20-10527. Complies with UNE-EN 13697 in dirty conditions. Chemical antiseptics and disinfectants. Quantitative test of non-porous surfaces for the evaluation of the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants used in foodstuffs, in industry, in the home and in the community.
Why do we like the SANICLOR Agerul multi-purpose disinfectant?
      • Its clean scent is very mild. It smells great.
      • It guarantees the most complete disinfection from the first minute.
      • It is ideal for homes and rooms with children and/or pets.
      • Ideal for hotels, institutions and communities.
      • Helps to maintain daily hygiene in a healthy way.
      • New look!

Save effort, time and money with Agerul – it’s the Agerul Effect!

How to use it?
      • Direct application: For a more thorough cleaning, apply the product directly and then use a clean, damp cloth on the surfaces to be treated. It is not necessary to rinse except for food contact surfaces. (In spray gun format it would be sprayed several times on the surface directly or wipe, depending on the degree of dirt to be cleaned).

It is recommended to rinse the product on surfaces that are in contact with food, babies and pets, as well as areas where a pet may walk or lick. In these cases, leave the household cleaner to act for 5 minutes and rinse afterwards. It is not suitable for use on textiles, unless they are to be washed after 5 minutes. It is also not recommended for use on waxed floors.

“Use biocides safely. Always read the label and information on the biocide before use”.

Precautions for use:

Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long lasting harmful effects. Keep out of reach of children. Dispose of contents and container via the separate collection system in your municipality. Do not swallow.

      • In case of accident: Call immediately to the Toxicological Information Medical Service at telephone 91 562 04 20.

Saniclor Ager Multipurpose Disinfectant Saniclor Ager


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