Agerul Zero Multisurfaces

Agerul Zero Multisuperficies 0% is your 100% effective cleaner but with a more natural formula, 0% dyes, 0% phosphates and 0% allergens. For those who are looking for something more in daily cleaning and are more sensitive in the use of household chemicals.

It can be used on all types of surfaces: glass, mirrors, tiles, marble, synthetic surfaces, household appliances… easily and without leaving traces thanks to its ultra-fast cleaning and drying power.


Why do we like Agerul Zero Multisurfaces?
  • Its aroma is unmistakable, the one we remember “all our lives” when cleaning windows.
  • It is cumulative. With frequent use, the results last longer and longer.
  • It can be used on car windscreens, helping to protect them from rain marks.
  • Like all Agerul products, it saves cleaning time by being very effective from the first second.

Save effort, time and money with Agerul – it’s the Agerul Effect!

How do you use it?

By spraying onto the surface to be cleaned and wiping dry with a soft cloth or paper.

Precautions for use:

Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow.

  • In case of accident: Immediately call the Medical Toxicological Information Service on 91 562 04 20.


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