LOVE Sensual Premium Air Freshener

Seductive character

What does Love smell like? Well, if there is such a thing as perfume and the smell of Love, it would be very similar to our air freshener. That’s why we have created Agerul’s Premium Love Air Freshener. A long-lasting and delicious home air freshener with floral and sweet notes that turn any moment into something special.

Sparkling and delicately intense, our air freshener can almost make you happier when shared with others because it’s inspired by love. Modern yet fresh, it lingers for hours, especially if you apply it at a suitably far distance on textiles such as curtains, cushions or other upholstery.

In addition, its handy dispenser and 250ml format make it very convenient for the car, before going to a special event or going out in the evening. It is especially suitable for use after cleaning, helping to maintain the feeling of freshness. A few sprays are enough for a long-lasting effect.


Why do we like the Premium Love air freshener by Agerul?
  • It is part of our premium range because it has a luxurious and glamorous scent.
  • For special occasions it is able to create a very specific and seductive atmosphere.
  • It is inspired by perfumery. It is 100% elegant from its first notes.
  • We love its duration, it breaks all records!

Zero gas. 100% product. It’s the Agerul effect!

How do you use it?

By spraying 2 to 4 times on the desired spot.

Precautions for use:

Flammable liquids and vapours. Keep away from heat or hot surfaces, sparks or open flames. Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long lasting harmful effects. May cause severe eye irritation, skin irritation and allergic skin reaction. If you need medical advice for any symptoms, have the container or label at hand. Keep out of reach of children. Dispose of contents and container through your local collection system. Contains Citral, Citronellol, Gerianol, Cinnamal, Limonelle and Linalool. Do not ingest. Do not smoke. Store in a well-ventilated place.

  • After skin contact: Wash with plenty of water until residues are removed.
  • After eye contact: Rinse thoroughly with water for several minutes. If contact lenses are worn and can be easily removed, remove immediately and continue rinsing.
  • In case of fire: Use ABC powder extinguisher to extinguish.
  • In case of accident: Immediately call the Medical Toxicological Information Service on telephone 91 562 04 20.


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