Since 1979 we have manufactured and marketed detersive chemical products for both household and professional use.

We always seek to produce an effective product which brings the consumer SAVINGS in terms of effort, time and money.

Agerul Concentrated Degreaser is the market leader in kitchen cleaners in various geographical areas, and is our flagship product, and the one which started our company. Its route has been followed by many other products to the completion of our wide range.

The three fundamental principles that have always guided our activity are:

1. Innovation when creating our products.
2. Satisfaction of our customers and end consumers.
3. Quality in all our manufacturing processes and in the service we provide.

Today we are committed to significant investments in the latest technology and machinery, and in 2007 we increased our production capacity to satisfy the growing demand of our clients and final customers and to overcome all of the challenges posed by the market.