Agerul guarantees the next generations a higher quality and preservation of the environment. It does not limit its commitment to simple controls, but invests in the search for safer substances and technologies aimed at guaranteeing the protection of the environment.

AGERUL is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of cleaning products.

Our quality and environmental policy consists of optimizing the satisfaction of our customers and offering them the highest quality quotas of the products we manufacture and sell, by complying with the established requirements, as well as maintaining the necessary communication channels. between the organization and customers and between
the different functions of the organization (personnel of the different departments and areas that make up the organization).

We have established pollution prevention and social commitment as one of our main objectives. Using natural and material resources in a rational way, striving to make optimal use of them and the proper management of our waste from daily activity, is another of our main
environmental actions.

We guarantee continuous improvement, maintaining the Management System in an efficient and effective way to verify the commitment to customers and the Environment, seeking for this a better internal organization of work.

Our Quality and Environmental Policy is constantly evolving, so it is reviewed for its continuous adaptation, being at all times a framework of the objectives defined by the Organization.

Senior management and all employees are committed to achieving the highest degree of efficiency in our work and a continuous improvement of our activities that results in the improvement of the quality and environmental management system, correcting our errors and avoiding the appearance of the same.

To develop this policy, AGERUL’s senior management makes available to the staff the necessary means to be able to undertake it, as well as periodic information on the objectives that are established and the achievements achieved, so that the commitment assumed by the senior management is extend to all levels and functions of the organization.

In Utrera on March 07, 2020.
Signature: Juan Ramón Zamora Altarejos