The first step in ensuring the quality of a product is the rigorous selection of the components´ suppliers which form the product, followed by a strict quality control of each of the transformation processes, resulting in a final product of great excellence and quality.

All this led us to obtain the iso 9002 certification in 1998 and later on in 2003, the recertification of iso 9001:2000, the maximum guarantee of international quality which accredits our manufacturing and services, continually improving the efficiency of the management system and increasing customer satisfaction.

The quality policy of agerul consists of optimising the satisfaction of our clients and providing them with the best quality standards in the products we make and commercialise by means of compliance with the requirements laid down, as well as maintaining the necessary communications channels between the organisation and the clients, and between the different functions of the organisation (staff of the various departments and areas that make up the organisation).

The senior management and all the employees are wholly committed to achieving the greatest level of efficiency in our work and to continuous improvement of our activities, resulting in an improvement in the quality management system.

To develop this policy, the senior management of agerul puts at the disposal of staff the resources required to be able to undertake this, as well as periodic information about the objectives set and the successes achieved, in such a way that the commitment assumed by the senior management extends to all the levels and functions of the organization.