Agerul ensures future generations greater quality and preservation of the environment. we do not limit our commitment to mere controls, but rather to the search for safer substances and technologies geared towards ensuring the protection of the environment.

Our production policy strives to eliminate the sources of contamination and preserve natural resources. we have taken on the challenge of combining the protection of the environment with a savings policy in such a way that the latter is sustainable in the long-term.

We are committed to the following principles in our environmental policy:

  • To respect all the environmental laws applicable to our activities.
  • To reduce the consumption of natural resources and promote recycling and reuse.
  • To adopt, in all our processes, working methods and technologies with a view to preventing contamination.
  • To set ongoing improvement objectives.
  • To assess and minimise environmental impacts caused by the introduction of new products and production processes.
  • To train staff and raise their awareness regarding environmental themes, as well as consumer and supplier awareness.

All of our products are biodegradable and our company is committed to ecoembes (ecoembalajes españa), thereby complying with the obligation to recover and treat waste. our items are thus marked by a “green dot”.