In June last year, Agerul launched a new product for the cleaning and maintenance of the hygiene of toilets. They last twice as long in the toilet as other brands on the market; in addition, Agerul’s toilet block is the only one on the market with 5 different functions:

  1. Active foam
  2. Anti-limescale formula
  3. Protection against dirt; keeping your toilet cleaner for longer
  4. Brighter with every use
  5. Extra fragrance, to keep your bathroom smelling clean all of the time.

They were launched in 2 fragrances: Fresh Sea Breeze which is strong and long-lasting; and Fresh Mountain Air.

In June 2017, we extended the range with a summery and refreshing new fragrance- CITRUS SUPERFRESH.

The 3 varieties come in packs of 1 or 2 units and you can find them in the best stores and outlets.

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