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Put the magic of the Agerul Effect into your day.

At Agerul we research, innovate and work to make your life easier. Developing effective and easy-to-use products, adapted to the different cleaning and hygiene needs of homes and businesses. Our goal: for you to spend as little time as possible on cleaning tasks and enjoy what really matters to the fullest.

The confidence of knowing that a product is Agerul

More than 40 years of research and development to offer the best solutions for your cleaning needs

Efficacy and Quality
Always get the best results

Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Respecting our planet is the best care of our home

Without complications. What you are looking for and with the greatest guarantees, is in Agerul

For everything, Agerul

Agerul is the answer for all cleaning needs at home and in all types of businesses. Because we have the widest range of products on the market, all of them with the Agerul quality guarantee.

From degreasers to air fresheners, through detergents, disinfectants, anti-urine, furniture cleaner… we have a range of more than 50 products. With our expert development we cover all areas of cleaning, both domestic and professional, so that you can find an effective and reliable answer at all times.

Ever since, Agerul

Our history begins in 1979, with the creation of Agerul Industrias Químicas S.L. to dedicate ourselves with all our efforts to the manufacture and marketing of quality cleaning and care products for the home and industrial hygiene.

Since then, three principles have guided our work:

  • Innovation in the creation of our products
  • Satisfaction of our customers and consumers
  • Maximum quality in all our manufacturing processes and in the service we provide.

And, on the basis of them, we have continued to work to continue growing and consolidate Agerul at the forefront of the sector, being an industry that is increasingly modern and ready to take on new challenges.


Origin of Agerul Industrias Químicas S.L


ISO 9002 certification


International quality certification ISO 9001:2000


We multiply our production capacity


Launch of our online store


Expansion of new facilities of 3000m2


International quality certification ISO 14001


Installation of 75 photovoltaic panels in our facilities, increasingly sustainable

At the beginning of 2003 we inaugurated our new facilities and the existing production and storage warehouses were restructured, going from 1,000m2 to 3,000m2, distributed in offices, R&D, archive, manufacturing, storage and logistics. We expanded the manufacturing and production capacity, the different production lines were modernized thanks to the acquisition of new machinery…

Since 2007, we have been multiplying our production capacity to satisfy a growing demand from our customers and all the challenges posed by the market.

Today, we continue to bet on a significant investment in state-of-the-art technology and machinery and also on facilitating access to our products for customers and consumers through online commerce.

Always at hand, Agerul

There will be many situations in which you need to have Agerul at hand, and we will take care of that! In addition to accompanying you in your usual supermarket, you can also find the entire Agerul range at the best price in our online store and Amazon. With them we bring to individuals and professionals the advantages of Agerul Effect wherever they are.

In addition, we facilitate the transport of all our products, we take everything where you need it. With all the guarantees of Agerul, now buying is much easier.

Agerul Sustainability

Our long experience as experts in cleaning and home care lead us to take care of everything from the smallest spaces to the largest home of all: the planet.

At Agerul we work to guarantee future generations greater quality and preservation of the environment. Our commitment is not limited to simple controls, but to an investment in the search for safer production. Formulas that are increasingly respectful of the environment and more ecological to make the products that accompany us in our day to day, with the highest quality of the Agerul Effect.

As part of our commitment to caring for the environment, we promote attitudes such as the rational use of natural and material resources, optimal use of them, or proper management of the waste we generate and the products we purchase. At Agerul we have always opted for concentrated products, which require less transport, less quantity of product and higher yields, a process that is much more respectful of the environment. This is the case of some of our flagship products such as the Concentrated Grease Remover or our Drop by Drop Air Fresheners.

Line of sustainable products with Ecolabel label

We currently have a line of Natural and Eco products such as Active Oxygen, Cleaning Vinegar, or 0% Multi-surfaces, in addition to products with the ECOLABEL ecological label, the result of our daily work in the search for new cleaning solutions that are increasingly respectful of our skin, our pets, our environment, and of course, our planet.

Agerul quality

We pay special attention to every detail of the manufacturing process of our products. From the rigorous choice of suppliers and components that make it up, to an exhaustive quality control in each of the transformation processes. This is how we achieve the effectiveness and excellence of the Agerul Effect that we find in all of them.

All of this led us to obtain the ISO 9002 certification in 1998. Later, in 2003, we obtained the ISO 9001:2000 recertification, the highest guarantee of International Quality, which certifies the manufacture of our products.

Agerul, S.L., has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, whose objective is to promote technological development, innovation and quality research; guarantee a better use of Information Technologies and achieve a more competitive business fabric. Thanks to it, the implementation and certification of the ISO 14001 international standard has been achieved during the 2017/2018 financial year. For this, it has had the support of the InnoCámaras Program of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Seville.